Programme management courses

Programme Management

This course will enable students to understand the generic strategic objectives of programme management, to evaluate and apply with understanding programme management principles trough the new-economy management functions with the intention of achieving organisational benefits of strategic importance. It furthermore aims to develop an advanced insight about programme management in the application of the organisation’s supply chain, in particular the cross-functional programme-managed component thereof, utelising high-performance programme teams, with the purpose of improving the performance of the organisational value chain.

Short Course Outcomes
After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and apply programme management principles as supported by the new-economy management functions of leading, creating, implementing and improving in both a content and context organisational environment.
  • Define the fundamental values of programme management and how it interconnects with learning organisations.
  • Distinguish between the various portfolios of projects and the value chain portfolio.
  • Recognise the valuable contribution of project and programme management for structuring and continuously improving learning organisations in the new economy.
  • Define the terms project, programme and portfolio management and describe their attributes.
  • Reflect critically on the role of quality and performance management in the organisational supply chain, in particular the cross-functional programme managed component thereof, with the aim of improving the performance of the organisational value chain.
  • Describe the process that organisations use to build their learning capabilities in relation to the role of leadership in creating a learning organisation.
  • Understand that shaping the organisation’s supply chain and programme processes into cross-functional portfolios that are programme-managed dispels bureaucracy, and encourages transformation and change towards becoming a knowledge-based learning organisation..
  • Demonstrate how the application of fundamental programme principles contribute in the success of strategy-focused organisations.
  • Explain the important governance role of the Chief Portfolio Officer..
  • Understand the systems thinking concept as it applies to programme quality management and business performance improvement.
  • Understand the influence of effective organisational design on an organisation’s value chain performance.