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Advanced Legal English


Law and language are intimately linked. Law gains its existence only through language, and there is understandably a great premium on precision in the use of language. Sound arguments, both written and oral, fundamentally depend on accuracy and effective presentation. Although everyone should pay careful attention to language, those in the field of law should be especially precise in their use of language in debating issues and in defining, interpreting and conveying the law.

The Advanced Legal English short course is designed to enable the legal professional (or student) to master the essentials of accurate and correct English quickly and conveniently (through concentrated learning and consistent daily application) so as to promote effective and efficient communication in the legal context, focusing on practical and technical precision.

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Legal professionals
  • Advanced law students

All short courses are completed individually through technology-enhanced distance learning. You do not need to attend any classes. You have access to your lecture videos and other material on a weekly basis, and all your assignments are submitted online.

The 2020 fee is R 11, 500.00, which includes your online study material. Persons based outside South Africa can pay in US Dollars, Euros or GB Pounds. Payment of fees must be effected before access to the course.

Short courses are available internationally. A new cycle of short courses starts every first Monday of each month from February to November. Although it is best to register as soon as possible before the start date, you may still join the course up to one week following the start date. If you miss that latest intake date (i.e. one week after the start date), you will be able to join the following cycle (generally around three weeks later).

You will complete weekly exercises that are graded. The questions may involve multiple choice, a brief discussion of an important issue, or solving a short case study. Your final short course mark will be the average mark attained for the exercises (at least 50% to pass). A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the short course. Should you achieve a distinction (75% or higher), this will be so indicated on your certificate.

The course is open to anyone who is basically proficient in English and has internet access.